Dear New Hope Family,

I am happy to inform you of a wonderful educational opportunity. New Hope is returning to the Holy Land. This educational tour is being made available to our church family and to your friends.

This is a unique study tour—not just a touristy-style trip—where we will be learning the Biblical history concerning each site we visit. It will allow you to get up close and personal with the land of the Bible. God’s Word will come alive to you as never before as you learn about the sites and the context in which the world’s greatest and most important story unfolded.

I believe this kind of study tour will enhance your walk with Jesus and enrich your ministry once you come back home. It will be a guided tour of the land of the Bible that will immerse you in ancient times and will put you in touch with many of the new and exciting archeological findings of recent years.

There will be an informative, short historical talk at each site by our study tour leader. Following, will be a short application from the Bible concerning the meaning and impact of the events that happened in that place. You will learn more about the life-changing lessons of the Bible while being in the place where they actually occurred. There is nothing like it. And of course, there will be plenty of time to roam and examine the sites for yourself.

New and lasting friendships will be formed. The best sojourners in the land of the Bible are those who, with their fellow companions, will be learning the greater depths of our relationship to God, His people, and His Word.

Our last trip to the Holy Land was spectacular and unforgettable. Those of us who were on that trip are still talking about its impact on us after nearly 10-years. We are expecting no less for this tour.

Prayerfully consider joining us. I promise, it will forever change your life!

Grace and Peace,


Gary L. Durham
Lead Pastor/Teacher